You Can Do It!

Monday Morning Coffee©️

Happy Monday people!

Father’s Day is one that generates mixed feelings; for some a sad reminder of a father that never was.

I attended the Praying Parents UK Conference at the weekend, and it was interesting to listen to different speakers express their views on the impact of absentee fathers on the family and society.

There is no doubt that fathers play a pivotal role in the family, but sadly for some families there is an absentee father and while we can’t change that, we should celebrate the strong mothers who are doing a great job playing both roles.

This post is dedicated to all the mothers out there raising children on their own. You are not alone, God has a special place in his heart for you; your children are destined for the top!

‘A father of the fatherless, and a defender of the widows, is God in his holy habitation.’ Psalm 68.5

You can do it! ….Stay strong!

By Yetty Iriah

Monday Morning Coffee ©️2015

Desperate Friends!

Monday Morning Coffee ©️

Happy Monday people!

One of my favourite bible stories is the one about the man who had to be let down by his friends through the roof to meet with Jesus.

(Luke 5:18-26)

This desperate man was blessed with equally desperate friends who saw a lifetime opportunity and took a collective risk to get their friend to meet Jesus at all costs!

Sometimes our dreams will run on the passion of others! We need to be surrounded by people who want it for us as much as or even more than we do for ourselves.

Today look around you! Are you surrounded by such desperate friends or by acquaintances who only want to lick the sugar off your back when the going is good?

Happy reflection!

By Yetty Iriah

Monday Morning Coffee©️2015

Who’s in the Spotlight?

Monday Morning Coffee ©

Happy Monday People!

I was listening to a lovely song ‘Put the attention on Jesus’ by Todd Dulaney yesterday evening and was struck by lyrics:

….”the Man who paid the price is being drowned out by all the fluff and lights.”

….”Put the attention on Jesus; that’s where it belongs.”

This song got me doing some personal introspection and this morning I urge you to kindly do the same.

In this ‘selfie’ world the focus is no longer on Christ, we have now adopted the concept of ‘self-love’, oblivious of the fact that our lives can be taken away in an instant!

In the last days….people will be lovers of themselves. (2 Tim 3:2)

We are dealing with a jealous God who will not share His glory with us!

This morning I ask the question…. “Who’s in the spotlight”?

Happy reflection.

By Yetty Iriah

Monday Morning Coffee©️2015

Welcome to Whyland

Monday Morning Coffee©️

Happy Monday good people! At some point in our lives most of us have found ourselves in a strange land; a place where there are many questions and no answers. I call that place “Whyland”

Several years ago the hospital I was working at needed to downsize and to my utter shock and dismay the ward I was working on was closed.

I remember questioning the Lord at the time because it did not make sense, but over the next five months suddenly all the previously closed doors in my career started popping open, then I understood why the Lord had led me into “Whyland”!

The Lord seldom provides answers to the ‘why’ question.

He only says: “Be still and know that I am God….” Ps 46:10

Most bible characters passed through ‘Whyland’. Gideon and Hannah are two of my favourite examples.

Share your own ‘Whyland’ story today!

By Yetty Iriah 

Good morning.

Monday Morning Coffee ©️2015

The Dirt Is Coming!

Monday Morning Coffee©

Happy Monday people!

As most of us are still basking in the euphoria of the royal wedding, l will share some of my thoughts with you this morning.

Once it became public knowledge that Meghan and Harry were an item, the press went digging up the vilest information from Meghan’s past, creating a media frenzy!

The devil always looks for the shiniest star to throw dirt on. It is his well known modus operandi, and he will use those closest to us! It was Joseph’s own brothers who put him in the pit.

“Behold, they shall surely gather together …..who ever shall gather against thee shall fall.” (Isaiah 54:14)

If we are to achieve greatness in life, we should be prepared for the dirt that will be involved.

Every seed needs dirt to grow!

Are you at the pinnacle of your success? Watch out for the dirt! ….It’s coming!

By Yetty Iriah

Monday Morning Coffee ©️2015

Some Cream Please!

Monday Morning Coffee©

Happy Monday people!

What are you having in your coffee this morning? Once in a while it’s good to indulge in some yummy coffee and cream.

On the subject of cream, what do others see in us? What do colleagues at work have to say about us?How will we be described by our neighbours?

In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven. Matt 5:16

You are your best salesman, so strive to be the best you can be.

Be like the cream in your coffee….it always rises to the top!😃

Yetty Iriah

Monday Morning Coffee

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Rejects Wanted!

Monday Morning Coffee©️

Happy Monday people!

Imagine standing in the scorching heat, enduring the most pungent odours, getting your hands bruised and dirty as you dig and shove mounds of earth in search of discarded glass, plastic and metal.

Today someone out there is making a living from that item we put in the trash can! In the same way the Lord is searching for the lost and rejected; to take our broken sinful lives and make us holy and blameless!

The rejects of society; tax collectors, harlots, adulterers, the demon-possessed and lepers were high on the Lord’s agenda. He once took a detour to meet the woman at the well; a serial adulteress!

Assuredly I say, tax collectors and harlots, will enter the kingdom of God before you. (Matt 21:31)

The good news is that God will not consult our sordid past to determine our future!

Rejects wanted! ….Sign up now!

Good morning.

By Yetty Iriah

Monday Morning Coffee ©️2015