Never Too Late!

Monday Morning Coffee©

Happy Monday people!
Easter is loading and our focus is on the cross.

No Easter story is more poignant than that of the lucky robber who
made it across the finish line in the nick of time! He recognised his need for mercy and cried out to Jesus as he hung next to Him on the cross.

It is funny to imagine that robber being one of the first to make it through the pearly gates of Heaven! God sure has a sense of humour.

I can only imagine the shock on the faces of the victims of his reign of terror when they see him in his mansion in Heaven…..If they make it!

Some people believe they hold exclusive rights to Heaven; the self-righteous, like those who surrounded the woman caught in adultery, armed with their stones of accusation. They were shocked when Jesus forgave her!

Everyone has a chance at the cross!……There’s always room for one more!

By Yetty Iriah
Monday Morning Coffee©2019


Monday Morning Coffee!

Happy Monday people!
This post is dedicated to the lovely ladies I was privileged to speak to at a conference last Saturday; ladies who were starting again.

There is a special joy that comes with starting again! I recognised that joy on their faces because I also have been set free from the mistakes of my past.

Samson was set apart from the womb to deliver the children of Israel from the hand of the Philistines. He was a typical delinquent young man whose disobedience landed him in the lap of Delilah where his hair was cut, and into captivity.

You may have a past you regret but God always has the final joker. Samson’s hair grew again while he was in captivity and he got a second chance to fulfil his destiny!

Don’t be a captive of your past. God allows second chances. You can’t do anything about the past but you can start now to change your future!

That mistake is not the end of you!…. Get up and start again!

By Yetty Iriah
Monday Morning Coffee ©2019


Monday Morning Coffee©️

Happy Monday people!
“What do you have?” Jesus asked. Mk 6:38

On Saturday we held our 3rd annual Men’s Workshop. A small group of professional men gathered in one room with one attribute-Passion!

One shared how with a small team from the UK he led a successful medical outreach to IDP camps in a Boko Haram stronghold of Northern Nigeria.

Another shared how his father left his less than humble beginnings in a village in Ghana to become a world renowned authority on Sickle Cell Anaemia with a clinic on Harley Street.

Yet another shared his story of growing up in a culture of violence and how an encounter with Christ turned him around

Passion will always fuel our dreams and take us where our money can’t! Everything great starts with passion!

The miracle that fed the multitude was in a child’s lunch box!

Now what do you have? ….The world is waiting!

By Yetty Iriah
Monday Morning Coffee ©️2019

The Lonely Road to Gold

Monday Morning Coffee@

Happy Monday people!
This post is inspired by the words of Tose (Tee Ari) in her latest single ‘Road to Gold’.

For me this single couldn’t have been released at a more fitting time. As I listen to it on replay in my car I imagine Christ’s lonely walk to the cross, surrounded by chants of “Crucify Him!”

The Lord bore His heavy cross alone!

If we will ever walk in our purpose too, we should also be prepared to walk alone. Outwardly people see the glitz and the glam and may envy us; very few will really know the personal price we have had to pay.

Some of us have had to leave the security of a boat to walk on water, believing that the Lord will catch us…. And He has!

Many lose friends along the way, and who says it does not hurt. Your heart will bleed.

Look up! Your crown beckons! …. The only thing that keeps you going on this lonely road.

Safe travels!

By Yetty Iriah
Monday Morning Coffee©️2019

Spare Change

Monday Morning Coffee©️

Happy Monday people!
We all have coins scattered in various drawers at home. Too heavy to carry and rarely needed in our almost cashless society.

Now imagine standing in front of a coins-only pay machine in the station car park on a cold morning. You scramble in your wallet for coins, your freezing hands count all you have but you are short by ten pence!

You see your train approaching in the distance, you have not only missed your train but also that job interview! Now a mere ten pence stands between you and destiny!

In the same way that relationship we deem irrelevant today is one that we may need to move us to our next level.

When there is conflict always keep the door of reconciliation open. Never say never! ….Even the prodigal son came home!

Spare change is still money.

By Yetty Iriah
Monday Morning Coffee©️2019

Just Another Mountain

Monday Morning Coffee©️

Happy Monday people!
Early last week I had to support someone who had received some very disappointing news and a few days later I also received some disappointing news. Now being a great encourager, I also had to encourage myself!😂

How do you deal with your own disappointments? Do you give up and recoil into your shell like a snail or come out fighting like a lion?

Every disappointment is just another mountain. If you can’t climb it then next time walk around it!

Crossing the Red Sea was only part of the journey, the Israelites still needed to cross the Jordan and bring down the Wall of Jericho to reach the promised land.

Don’t ever think of giving up. Pray! Think! Re-strategise! …..For every Goliath there’s a stone!

Your mountain may be huge but you only need mustard seed faith!

By Yetty Iriah

Keeping it Real

Monday Morning Coffee©️

Happy Monday People!
We all know how management and staff of organisations spend weeks ‘tidying up’ in preparation for statutory inspections and in the end a decision is made based on the ‘show’ they put up. The real issues go unresolved….And the cycle continues!

Now don’t we do that with God too? We put on a facade, an illusion of perfection; pretending all is well, like our airbrushed pictures on Facebook.

The Garden of Eden seemed perfect in the evening light, but God smelt something, then Adam and Eve tried to cover up with leaves!

If we want to be cleansed we must be ready to stand messy before God.

Though your sins are like scarlet they shall be white as snow…. Isa 1:18

Cleaning up is a long and often painful process, but well worth it in the end! ….Ask Naaman!

Good morning.

By Yetty Iriah
Monday Morning Coffee©️2019