Out of the Miry Clay

Happy Monday People!
Today I dedicate this piece to  13 year old Timi who against all odds, survived  two major heart operations and defied medical science to  recover after several days in a coma. To the glory of God, today Timi is home!

In Psalm 40, the Psalmist describes his encounter with God in the miry clay.

The miry clay is that slimy, sinking, dark hole. Nothing describes the place of darkness, despair and uncertainty as vividly as the miry clay. In the miry clay one is going on a downward spiral and knows it. There is fear and trepidation, it is a bottomless pit, and like quicksand you try to claw your way out but the more you move, the more you sink!

Ever been there? If so, I joyfully welcome you to the club of survivors!

The Psalmist  waited patiently, and God lifted him out of the miry clay, then placed his feet on solid ground, established him and filled his mouth with a new song.

Timi’s song is his testimony and will draw others to place their trust in God!

What is your own miry clay testimony?

Have a lovely week.

By Yetty Iriah

Monday Morning Coffee Copyright©2015 All rights reserved.

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