Who is in the Centre?

Monday Morning Coffee©
Happy Monday people! 

Have you ever been so busy that you feel rushed off your feet; like you’ve lost your centre of gravity? You get into a panic; feeling you are running out of time! This certainly was me last week, trying to juggle between busy clinics and transporting my teenagers here and there plus preparing to host my parents who were visiting. We have all been there; the busyness of life! 

Life can be a treadmill of activities and in the midst of this ‘legitimate busyness’ it is so easy to loose track of where God is and relegate Him to the side, when He should be at the centre! 

As we rush around we easily miss the glimpses of God around us and his gentle whispers. God wants to be the centre of our busy lives, we should never be so busy that we cannot pray or read our bibles.

Remember the story of Mary and Martha, who will we be? If we are too busy for God, then we are just too busy! 
This week let’s put God back in the centre where He belongs.


Monday Morning Coffee Copyright©2015 All rights reserved.

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