The Divided House!

Monday Morning Coffee©

Happy Monday people!
Last week I did a study on the book of Nehemiah.

Nehemiah’s mission was to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem, which at that time was in ruins. To accomplish this he raised an army of equally dedicated builders who amidst intense opposition completed the project in just 52 days!

Today the Church is also in ruins. It is a house divided against itself and it is crumbling down!  Evangelism is now on the back burner, there are fewer new converts and instead the church is full of recycled believers; there is no fresh fire.

Love is now a scarce commodity among Christians, you just need to witness the way we treat each other. It’s now about church titles and positions and who hosts the biggest conferences, while there is a dying world out there.

People, it is time to build, and remember that our work will be tried and tested by fire. Certainly Jesus will not be coming back for a divided church!

How are we building?


Monday Morning Coffee 

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