What’s Your Bumpy Story?

Monday Morning Coffee©

Happy Monday people!

Have you ever looked at your life’s journey and wished that you could find a shortcut to your destination?

Some years ago, I went through a very bumpy patch in my career, I knew I was in God’s will so I expected the process to be seamless, yet everywhere I looked there were obstacles. Now with the benefit of hindsight, I see why those bumps were necessary.

Joseph’s own dramatic journey was to end as Prime Minister of Egypt, but he was put in the pit, sold into slavery, falsely accused of adultery, imprisoned and forgotten; and these were only just bumps in the road!

In life there are very few signs to warn us of obstacles ahead and God never promised us a smooth ride, so if you see the BUMP sign, don’t look for a shortcut……………that breakthrough may be only just one bump away!

By Yetunde Iriah

Monday Morning Coffee. Copyright©2015 All rights reserved

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