The Great Cover-Up

Monday Morning Coffee©

Happy Monday People!

It’s the party season again and the time to look our best.

I am often awed by our modern make up artists, so skilled at covering all imperfections that one ends up with a brand new face!

I have freckles  on both cheeks. Thankfully I am able to hide them successfully with my concealer. People say I have such a flawless face ….. indeed!

Women, the same  goes for our weaves, fake nails, eyelashes and everything else. Everyone is covering up something!

The bible says man looks at the appearance but God looks at the heart.
We can’t cover up with God, so let us bring every flaw, every blemish and all our secret sins to him.

The Blood of Jesus does not cover up, it cleanses completely! 

What are you covering up?

By Yetunde Iriah
Monday Morning Coffee Copyright 2015. All Rights Reserved

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