The Finisher!

Monday Morning Coffee©

Happy Monday people!

The 2016 Olympics have come and gone! The whole experience gave me a different outlook on life. Amidst the excitement and celebration I was forced to reflect on my own mortality. 

I witnessed athletes have their almost certain victory snatched from their grasp at the last second, as they succumbed to injury (or were disqualified!) and watched Mo Farah pick himself up from his fall during the men’s  10,000m and run ahead to victory!

Personally the most compelling story of the 2016 games was about 41 year old Kuniaki Takizaki, the Cambodian marathoner who came second to the last. The joy on Kuniaki’s face as he crossed the finish line brought tears to my eyes as the crowd ecstatically cheered him on.

There was no medal for Kuniaki, but he was celebrating because he was a finisher! He ran the race of his life and he finished it! He made it across the line!

On the scoreboard several names had the letters DNF – (Did Not Finish) next to them; they started but did not finish.

People, we are running our life’s marathon right now; what will we see on our scoreboard?

Be a finisher!!

By Yetunde Iriah

Monday Morning Coffee

Copyright©2015 All rights reserved

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