Could we have done more?

Monday Morning Coffee©

Happy Bank Holiday Monday! It’s been exam results season and I dedicate this post to all the successful students and their parents. Your hard work paid off! 

On our way to pick up exam results last Thursday, one of my daughters said to me, “Mummy no matter what happens today, we know we did all we could have done.” What confidence! 

 That one statement has resonated with me all weekend. 

Sadly for those who either failed or did not get the grades the question will be “Could they have done more?” 

 Today I am asking that we soberly ponder on the same question. 

Could we have done more to keep that friendship? Could we have been more patient with our spouse or a better parent? Could we have served God more? Could we have given more? 

………. A million questions! 

 When we stand before God, will we also be confident that we did all we could have done? 

…… Or could we have done more? 

By Yetunde Iriah 
 Monday Morning Coffee Copyright 2015 All rights reserved.

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