Where Will Your Journey Take You?

Monday Morning Coffee©

Happy Monday people!

Are we living as pilgrims on earth or have we now taken up permanent residence?

Psalm 23 describes the pilgrims journey; one of diverse and unpredictable experiences.

This journey will take us through green pastures, restful and refreshing times, but enjoy the scenery while you can; it won’t last forever!

Those valleys that will take us to death’s door are also part of the journey; we cannot avoid them……If this where you are now, hold on you are just passing through!

There will be no shortage of enemies or “frenemies” on this journey, but they will see the table of victory set before us.

Goodness and mercy will be constant companions; we will never walk alone!

One day this journey will end; and we will stand before Heaven’s golden gates! What hope!

So where will your journey take you today?

Yetunde Iriah
Monday Morning Coffee. Copyright 2015 All rights reserved.

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