Looking for the Drive-Thru?

Monday Morning Coffee©

Happy Monday people!                 Like most mums in my part of the world, my second job is running a company called”Mum’s Taxi” ferrying my teenagers all over town (free of charge!) and sometimes they even have the guts to ask me not to keep them waiting!

This morning as we reflect on our relationship with God, do we agree that we also struggle with waiting?

We now live in the era of the Drive-Thru and no longer used to waiting around. 

Now God is not in the Drive-Thru business, so if He asks us to wait, lets get a chair out, and make ourselves comfortable, it may just be a long wait! Remember Joseph?

God is a promise keeper, but there is always a process and waiting is part of the deal.

When we look up to God, we won’t see a Drive-Thru sign!

Happy waiting.

By Yetunde Iriah

Monday Morning Coffee Copyright 2015 All rights reserved.

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