Something is Happening in the Soil!

Monday Morning Coffee©

Happy Monday people!

This post is dedicated to those like me, who may not have achieved all their expected goals this year. 

It’s funny how we sometimes set our goals ahead of God’s own timing, and then think He is too slow! God will do all He has promised in His own time, and we can’t get Him to move any faster by throwing our toys out of the pram.

When the farmer plants his seed in the ground, he does not stay up all night waiting to see the crop grow, neither does he uproot the seed after a few days to see what is happening to it; but as he goes about his business, something is happening in the soil!

This may be the last Monday of 2016 but God is not bound by our timing and He has not finished with us yet. Something is happening in the soil, and it is pretty!

So feet up! Enjoy your coffee and see God work it out!

Yetunde Iriah

Monday morning coffee. Copyright 2015. All rights reserved

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