Look in the Mirror!

Monday Morning Coffee©

Happy Monday people !

My inspiration for today’s post comes from Paul’s letter to the Corinthian Christians,  admonishing them to reflect the character of Christ in their lives. 

This morning I did a little introspection; Am I a true reflection of Christ’s compassion, comfort, encouragement, integrity and love? Do I display His patience? (Lord, I definitely need some help with that one!)  

You will all agree that the world we live in is very visual, and seeing is believing. 

The beauty consultants at the cosmetic counters in John Lewis or Selfridges are always so flawlessly made-up; the most effective way to influence customers to buy their products. 

In the same way if people are not drawn to Christ through us  then it is our fault not His!

So when we look in the mirror what do we see? ….A happy Psalm or a book of Lamentations!

Have a reflective week.

By Yetunde Iriah

Monday Morning Coffee. Copyright 2015. All Rights Reserved. 

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