The Toothpaste Story

 Monday Morning Coffee©

Happy Monday people!                                                                                                       

My short piece today is about the toothpaste; something we will all be using this morning!

Have you ever felt that situations and circumstances are choking the life out of you? Always remember that often our life’s purpose is revealed during times of severe testing. 

Paul said, “We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; ….persecuted, but not abandoned……that the life of Jesus may be revealed in us.” -2Cor 4:8-10

Until the tube of toothpaste is pressed, there will be no paste, and when the tube is almost empty, we will often squeeze and roll it up from the bottom to the top to get the very last bit out. In the same way God uses our trials to push us to the limit until every last drop of virtue is poured out.

If you intend to make a difference, and impact your world, then be ready to be pressed ….very hard!

Don’t be like the full tube of toothpaste sitting pretty on the bathroom shelf, of no use to anyone!

By Yetunde Iriah

Monday Morning Coffee Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved.

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