Have we missed it too?

Monday Morning Coffee©

Happy Monday People!

Jesus wept at the sight of the multitude welcoming Him into Jerusalem, because they had missed the essence of His coming. 

Have we missed it too?

Judas was the accountant and budget holder of the ministry; Peter “the rock” was one of the closest disciples to Jesus. 

Both men missed it too. Judas betrayed Jesus for just thirty pieces of silver and Peter denied him three times.

Now take a good look in the mirror because we are all just as guilty! 

In our attitude and lifestyle we betray and deny Jesus daily. Yes, we the so-called believers, blood-bought, spirit-filled, tongue -speaking, ordained and collar-wearing are equally just as bad!

Are we like the very people who shouted “Hosanna!”on Palm Sunday, only to scream “Crucify Him!” at the end of the same week?

Have we missed it too? Let us retrace our steps back to our ever-loving Father; let’s go back home!

Happy Easter!

By Yetunde Iriah

Monday Morning Coffee© Copyright 2015. All Rights Reserved 


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