The Eye in the Sky

Monday Morning Coffee©
It’s Monday people, and we have to do it all over again! 

I was in central London at the weekend and I felt like I was on the Big Brother Show, with the number of CCTV cameras I saw!

Someone rightly said that Britain is one of the most watched societies!

Now every camera has a blind spot, and the experienced criminals know this.   

Sadly, we also choose to believe we can walk in God’s blind spots, and we live our lives oblivious of the big eye in the sky!

God has no blind spots! He knows our thoughts afar off and weighs our actions. He listens to every idle word. No veil can hide us from Him, 

……For even the darkness is as light to Him. Ps 139:12

One day the CCTV recording of our life will be replayed. What will we see? 

Remember, God is watching!…. So smile you’re on camera!😀

Yetunde Iriah

Monday Morning Coffee©2015 All Rights Reserved 

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