Hold Tight!

Monday Morning Coffee©

Happy Monday people!
The terrible events of the past few weeks are all brutal reminders that in a world where we think we are in control of our lives and destinies, that control can be taken away in an instant.

Most of us have been left with a feeling of helplessness and asking, “Where are you Lord?”

This morning listen out for that still small voice that says, “I am still here, I am in control and I’ve got your back.”

Prophet Habakuk was living in a time like ours, a time when all that could fail had failed, yet he had an unwavering faith in the God that never fails.

So like Habakuk, let us hold on tight, confident that the One who holds the world in His hands has our backs!

Yetty Iriah

Monday Morning Coffee Copyright2015 All Rights Reserved.


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