The Spare Wheel

Monday Morning Coffee©

Happy Monday good people!

How is your summer going? All over the world the weather has been erratic, from intense heat  to flash floods, mudslides and an eclipse expected sometime today! 

I don’t know about you, but this is the perfect weather for excuses! It’s either too hot or too wet!

We all make excuses when we have to endure some discomfort. 

So what has the Lord asked you to do? And are you like Moses who had a million excuses?

Too busy? Too tired? Too weak? Too far?  What’s your own excuse?  

If we don’t play our part in the Lord’s mission, surely someone else will.  

Remember Queen Vashti?

The Lord always has a spare wheel! …..Don’t get replaced!

Happy reflection.

By Yetty Iriah

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