Do it Now!

Monday Morning Coffee©Happy Monday people!

This morning I want to share my dentist story with you. The dentist has never been my friend; the vibration and sound of the dentist’s drill always send me into a frenzy of panic!

Some years ago, an old filling in one of my back teeth fell out, but I ignored it. As time went on all the adjoining fillings began to fall out one by one until there was a big crater, and last Thursday morning I woke up with the worst toothache imaginable. I rushed to the dentist!

When we leave things too late; we face the consequences. Oftentimes a simple apology is all that is needed to salvage an important relationship, but we keep putting it off until things become irreconcilable.

Settle matters quickly with your adversary while you’re still on the way ….Matt 5.25

Is there something you keep putting off too?

By the way my dentist says I may lose all my back teeth! …… I am now praying for a miracle!

By Yetty Iriah

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