The Bitter Pill!

Time to swallow the bitter pill!

Monday Morning Coffee ©

Happy Monday people!

This morning I am serving your morning coffee with a cocktail of pills.

There are the sugarcoated multivitamins, and the bitter nausea-provoking antibiotic capsules you’d wish you did not have to take but you know are the most important!

Relationships are like a cocktail of pills, the good, the bad and ugly (nasty). The condescending boss, the domineering husband or nagging wife, unruly teenagers, obnoxious in-laws, and the two-faced friends; the lovely people the Lord put in our lives for a time and season to teach us patience…. Oh! That magic word!

Apostle Paul spoke of a thorn in his flesh, could that have been a toxic relationship?(2Cor 12:7)

This morning check your medicine box

…… may find the pill called Patience!

Happy reflection!
By Yetty Iriah

Monday Morning Coffee Copyright 2015 All rights reserved.

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