Safe Passage!


Monday Morning Coffee ☕️©

Happy Monday people!
My post today is dedicated to all who are currently going through a wilderness experience. This is a journey that will be travelled by every child of God; one in which we have no choice.

The wilderness is a lonely place, where we will be abandoned by even the closest of friends. It is a place where all we have relied on for help over the years will fail. It is also a place of self-reflection!

Jesus was led by the spirit into the wilderness, so if it was good enough for Jesus then it will be good enough for us too.

We will walk through our wilderness when we have the lamp of God’s word, shining in the dark times, guiding us out step by step. Most people wander in the wilderness because they have no lamp, and sadly some eventually die there like those Israelites who never made it out!

Beyond those undulating hills and unending miles of parched earth is a promised land waiting to be discovered.

Will we wander or walk through?

Good morning.

By Yetty Iriah
Copyright 2015

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