Time to Walk on Water

Monday Morning Coffee ©
Happy Monday people!
Are you ready to leave your comfort zone? 

I met a close friend for lunch at the weekend and it was exciting to hear that after years of deliberation she had finally taken a huge step into the unknown, it had paid off and she was enjoying the adventure.

Two years ago I also made a decision to trust the Lord and walk onto uncharted waters, it was tough, but miracles happened along the way and the Lord surrounded me with wonderful people, today I am walking in my purpose without regret.

How about you? Will you be bold enough to take that first step? What is holding you back?

If Peter had not stepped out of the boat he would never have known he could walk on water!

Moving beyond the safe and familiar is essential for growth.

Take that first step today …..you too can walk on water! 

Good morning.

By Yetty Iriah


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