The Furnace Club

Monday Morning Coffee ©

Happy Monday people!

How are you rolling with the punches that life has thrown at you?

Yesterday I was privileged to speak to a certain gentleman who recounted how difficult life had been for him in the last couple of years, this man had been duped of a large sum of money, he lost his business, his home and almost lost his family. Of course all his friends had deserted him!

Remarkably he told me these had been the best years of his life, because he had come to know God so intimately, and he wouldn’t have traded this for anything.

Without a doubt this man had qualified to be a privileged member of The Furnace Club!

Yes! God will never take us around the furnace, but will lead us right through it to the other side.

There is always a ‘fourth’ man in the fiery furnace!….Look out for him!

What’s your own furnace club story?

Good morning.

By Yetty Iriah

Monday Morning Coffee Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved

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