The Dream Team!

Monday Morning Coffee©

Happy Monday people!

I watched basket ball player Paul Pierce get his No. 34 jersey retired by the Boston Celtics a fortnight ago.

Paul paid an extremely emotional tribute to his mother, who singlehandedly raised him and four brothers in the deprived crime- ridden neighbourhood of Oakland, California.

Among the many tributes, Paul did forget an uncle who had erected a makeshift basket ball hoop in his backyard when it became too dangerous to go out for practice; this was where Paul’s basket ball dream was birthed!

Paul said “People see the finished product.. People never see the behind-the-scenes journey and the people who influenced it.”

Today spare a thought for those who have impacted your own life, including those who put the obstacles in your way and inadvertently pushed you in the direction of your dreams. They are all part of your dream team.

Even Joseph too was sent to Egypt for a specific time and purpose Genesis 50:20

You too could be part of someone’s success story; perhaps mine!

….Don’t be a dream killer!

Good Morning.

By Yetty Iriah

Monday Morning Coffee ©2015

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