Her Desperate Choice!

Monday Morning Coffee©

Happy Monday People!

Over the weekend our women’s group-Dinner with Jesus held it’s Mix and Mingle evening, with the theme ‘Her Desperate Choice’.

Indeed, the bible is full of desperate women like us, who made desperate choices that shaped our world, starting with our matriarch Eve!

Two of such women, Ruth and Orpah faced with a desperate situation made opposing choices. The spotlight has always been on Ruth, but I dare say that Orpah ‘s choice not to go with Naomi was perhaps the right one for her and she also fulfilled her ordained destiny.

We cannot all be Ruths! Some of us are Orpahs, so before you go judging us and the choices we have made, please take a walk in our shoes!

To the all Ruths and Orpahs out there, celebrate womanhood, we are all the apple of God’s eye and the jewels in His crown.

This post is dedicated to you!

Good morning.

By Yetty Iriah

Monday Morning Coffee ©2015

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