The Layover

Monday Morning Coffee©️

Happy Monday people!

Will you be catching any flights this week? Very few things are as frustrating as having a long layover between flights.

The challenge is always knowing what to do with all that time and it can feel like life is in limbo, unless of course there is good duty free shopping!

Oftentimes God may give us a long layover before our desired destination.

The Israelites had a layover of forty years between Egypt and Canaan. It was a time of testing, they needed to learn some life lessons, old habits had to go. Unfortunately it took them forty years to be ready!

It may look like life is stationary, but perhaps we are also being prepared for our next level. What changes do we need to make?

Every layover has a purpose!…Find it!

Good morning.

By Yetty Iriah

Monday Morning Coffee ©️2015

5 thoughts on “The Layover

  1. Nice piece. Over the years by choice and otherwise I have had to fly all over the world. A lot!!! The interesting thing is that layovers are some of the best spent times I have come to appreciate! The trick is to understand that they will happen even after careful planning!!! Literally though, having access to the airport lounges allows you to spend the time much more efficiently! Spiritually, these are times to slow down and appreciate one’s borrowed time!!
    My favorite piece yet! Succinct!


  2. Yetunde, thanks for another thought provoking piece. It can be hard to be stuck in a layover, a time of waiting for God to answer a prayer or fulfil a promise. I have found that it is best to wait WITH God in these situations rather than to wait FOR God to bring about the desired outcome; never mind that our desired outcome may not be His desired outcome!!
    For me, waiting WITH God means living daily for Him, getting on with Kingdom business and trusting God for His outcome to manifest.


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