Market Buisiness

Monday Morning Coffee©️

Happy Monday people!

We were in the county of Mullingar on Saturday for the Dinner With Jesus, DWJ Ireland Launch.

As the founder of DWJ I was humbled and immensely grateful to God to meet a small group of passionate women of different nationalities willing to step-up and shake their community for Jesus!

I spoke about the typical village market setting. When the market closes buyers go home with their purchases, and the sellers with their money.

Sadly, there will be a few drifters, idle observers with nothing to show for all the time spent in the market, like the man who buried his talent in the ground! (Matt 25:14-30)

Open your eyes and heart to the dying world out there; be a problem-solver, build a support system.

The Lord is profit-conscious. What will you have in your hand when you stand before Him?

Hurry! Do the Lord’s business….Before the market closes!

Good morning.

Yetty Iriah

Monday Morning Coffee©️2015

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