Welcome to Whyland

Monday Morning Coffee©️

Happy Monday good people! At some point in our lives most of us have found ourselves in a strange land; a place where there are many questions and no answers. I call that place “Whyland”

Several years ago the hospital I was working at needed to downsize and to my utter shock and dismay the ward I was working on was closed.

I remember questioning the Lord at the time because it did not make sense, but over the next five months suddenly all the previously closed doors in my career started popping open, then I understood why the Lord had led me into “Whyland”!

The Lord seldom provides answers to the ‘why’ question.

He only says: “Be still and know that I am God….” Ps 46:10

Most bible characters passed through ‘Whyland’. Gideon and Hannah are two of my favourite examples.

Share your own ‘Whyland’ story today!

By Yetty Iriah 

Good morning.

Monday Morning Coffee ©️2015

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Whyland

  1. Thanks for this topic that resonates with almost all of us. The quoted bible verse is so useful as I navigate my current Whyland.


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