Desperate Friends!

Monday Morning Coffee ©️

Happy Monday people!

One of my favourite bible stories is the one about the man who had to be let down by his friends through the roof to meet with Jesus.

(Luke 5:18-26)

This desperate man was blessed with equally desperate friends who saw a lifetime opportunity and took a collective risk to get their friend to meet Jesus at all costs!

Sometimes our dreams will run on the passion of others! We need to be surrounded by people who want it for us as much as or even more than we do for ourselves.

Today look around you! Are you surrounded by such desperate friends or by acquaintances who only want to lick the sugar off your back when the going is good?

Happy reflection!

By Yetty Iriah

Monday Morning Coffee©️2015

6 thoughts on “Desperate Friends!

  1. Another winner Yetunde! While I don’t have desperate friends, I have desperate sisters who watch my back and my children’s. Your write up brings it to mind and I appreciate them all over.


      1. May be that’s why the Bible says we shouldn’t be ‘unequally yoked….in danger of being dragged down rather than pulled up!…by the friends you shall know them????


  2. Wow.. amazing. I will be praying for desparate friends and also for me to be a desparate friend. I too have desparate sisters and thank God for them always xxx


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