We Don’t Need the Pulpit.

Monday Morning Coffee©

Happy Monday people!

Will you promise to impact one life this week?

Dorcas was a woman who lived in the city of Joppa, she was known for her acts of love towards the poor. Her unique calling was to clothe the widows in her community. Acts 9:36-42

There is a hungry dying world out there; individuals and groups of people with unique and complex needs.

Today God is looking for the foot soldiers, people who will work at the coal face and make a tangible difference.

Providing a hot meal and a blanket to that homeless man you see on your evening jog or setting up a support group for single mothers is more powerful than a rehearsed sermon before the congregation on Sunday!

We all have a calling but we don’t need to stand behind the pulpit to fulfil it!

Find your unique calling….And get to work!

Good morning.

By Yetty Iriah

Monday Morning Coffee©️2015

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