Redundant Angels

Monday Morning Coffee©️

Happy Monday people?

Do angels still exist? Ponder on this as you sip your hot morning coffee!

Several verses in the opening chapters of Hebrews relate to man and the angels. We all have differing views on the existence of angels but certainly the writer of Hebrews view is that they exist to do God’s will.

“Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister to them who shall be heirs of salvation?” Heb 1:14

Just as the angels appeared to Abraham to tell him about the birth of Isaac, the angel appeared to Mary announcing her miraculous conception. In Acts 10 an angel appeared to Cornelius too!

Angels still exist, but when God sends them to us are we sensitive enough to hear their message?

Have we made the angels redundant?

The angel is about to blow the final trumpet!

…..Are we ready?

Happy Reflection.

By Yetty Iriah

Monday Morning Coffee ©2018

2 thoughts on “Redundant Angels

  1. All around us abounds signs of the end times. As the prophets said it would be. I pray I and my loved ones would not be found wanting when the trumpet sounds.
    Thanks for the reminder.


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