Who’s Calling?

Monday Morning Coffee©️

Happy Monday people!

How many of us will pick up our phones when we see a No Caller ID notification?

I personally have missed some important opportunities by ignoring such calls. Sometimes the Lord calls us with a ‘No Caller ID’ too.

In the heat of the day out of the blues three men appeared in front of Abraham’s tent. Immediately he sprung into action and said to Sarah “Make ready quickly three measures of fine meal.”….(Genesis 18:6-8)

After this act of hospitality to total strangers Abraham received the promise of his breakthrough.

I pray that in the busyness that this week will thrust on us, like Abraham we will not miss that call that will lead to a breakthrough or the call to reach out to someone in need.

The Lord may call without a Caller ID ….Pick up the phone!

By Yetty Iriah


2 thoughts on “Who’s Calling?

  1. My response today is a simple prayer : Lord keep me humble and not be so fixated on my own importance and activities as to ignore people and things around me that I do not know.


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