Reserved Seating

Monday Morning Coffee©

Happy Monday people!

The socialites among us will understand how it feels to turn up for an event and have to go looking for an empty seat, then end up sitting next to somebody they don’t know or like!

It’s the same way the Lord feels when He comes into our lives and has to sit in the corner of the room like a mop or broom, only used when needed!

The Lord deserves a reserved seat, an altar, a place nobody else can go, where we meet with Him up close and personal, a place where deep calls onto deep; where the flesh is severed.

Nothing in our lives will make sense, or take shape unless we first repair our prayer altars.

On Mount Carmel Elijah repaired the altar before the consuming fire fell from heaven. If we also want to walk in the miraculous then we have to do the same.

This morning I hear the Lord say that He wants reserved seating. We need to repair our prayer altars.

Let’s get to work!

By Yetty Iriah

Monday Morning Coffee©2018

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