Take Your Place

Monday Morning Coffee©️

Happy Monday people!

If Jesus was hosting a family dinner tomorrow, will we get an invite? Well since Jesus came from a lineage of family scandals, prostitutes, adultery and idolatry I guess we all stand a very good chance!

As is our annual custom, tomorrow my extended family will be meeting for Christmas dinner; three generations under one roof. Hectic! The best part for me is that I am not hosting it this year!

On a more serious note, beyond the glitter, presents and good food, whether we are spending Christmas with family or alone, Jesus has reserved a place for us at His dinner table, if only we humble ourselves, accept His invitation and sit down.

The invitation is personal! There is a seat with your name on it. So dress up!….Show up!….And take your place!

Merry Christmas!

By Yetty Iriah

Monday Morning Coffee ©️2018

One thought on “Take Your Place

  1. Another excellent piece!
    May I use this opportunity to thank you for your contribution this year.
    You have been a blessing indeed.
    May the Lord bless you and expand your coast and ministry and keep you as a light shining for you.


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