No Quick Fix

Monday Morning Coffee©

Happy Monday people!

It’s already one week into 2019. Oh my! How time flies!

Now while we all have great plans for 2019, one thing is certain, this is not the year for the quick fix. Don’t look for the shortcuts.

Walking with God is a process. He is not constrained by time and deadlines, He is not one of our tech devices and He is certainly not an App!

There is work to be done, so let’s roll up our sleeves. Some of us will need to march around our Jericho and some will be asked to walk on water. Our faith will be tested.

In another 358 days this year will also come to an end. Will we look back with joy, or regret?

Our God is a promise-keeper….This year don’t settle for Ishmael when you can have Isaac!

Happy New Year.


By Yetty Iriah

Monday Morning Coffee


2 thoughts on “No Quick Fix

  1. We thank God for a New year! Thank God for bringing to our remembrance that diligent walk with God is what is needed. Indeed our God is not a God of quick fixes and he is a rewarded of his hose that diligently seek him.
    Help me lord to diligently serve and do your will this New year so Ivan reap all you have for me in abundance.


  2. Excellent piece…just sent it to my son who is contemplating his next move.
    They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength…..Teach us Lord to wait!
    Thanks again.
    Remain blessed


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