The Empty Desk

Monday Morning Coffee

Happy Monday people!

Change is always difficult but constant!

Paula(not real name) was a dear colleague who sadly retired recently. Paula was our mother hen, always looking out for our welfare and putting our needs ahead of hers. She was the go-to person when one was overwhelmed.

Paula’s empty desk is not only a reminder of what has been lost but also an opportunity for something new! Soon we will have a new colleague who will hopefully bring something new to the team.

While Paula was an experienced professional, it is how she made us all feel that she will always be remembered for and not how smart she was!

Let your kindness be known to all men.

(Phil 4:5)

One day our empty desks will either evoke happy memories or a happy ‘good riddance!’…. Let’s be kind!

Happy February!

By Yetty Iriah

Monday Morning Coffee©️2019

4 thoughts on “The Empty Desk

  1. Let’s be kind! Timely topic! Too much unkindness in the world today.
    Takes very little to be kind and it does go a long way i dare say.
    Great reminder that we are admonished to be kind to all.
    Thank you Yetunde for the timely reminder.


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