Just Another Mountain

Monday Morning Coffee©️

Happy Monday people!
Early last week I had to support someone who had received some very disappointing news and a few days later I also received some disappointing news. Now being a great encourager, I also had to encourage myself!😂

How do you deal with your own disappointments? Do you give up and recoil into your shell like a snail or come out fighting like a lion?

Every disappointment is just another mountain. If you can’t climb it then next time walk around it!

Crossing the Red Sea was only part of the journey, the Israelites still needed to cross the Jordan and bring down the Wall of Jericho to reach the promised land.

Don’t ever think of giving up. Pray! Think! Re-strategise! …..For every Goliath there’s a stone!

Your mountain may be huge but you only need mustard seed faith!

By Yetty Iriah

3 thoughts on “Just Another Mountain

  1. I can only pray for God’s absolute grace to continue to abide with you. You absolutely encourage me each time i read what you have written on Mondays and today is no exception.
    As you a source of inspiration, may you continually get favour, blessings grace andmore inspirstion from the almighty.
    Thank you!


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