Spare Change

Monday Morning Coffee©️

Happy Monday people!
We all have coins scattered in various drawers at home. Too heavy to carry and rarely needed in our almost cashless society.

Now imagine standing in front of a coins-only pay machine in the station car park on a cold morning. You scramble in your wallet for coins, your freezing hands count all you have but you are short by ten pence!

You see your train approaching in the distance, you have not only missed your train but also that job interview! Now a mere ten pence stands between you and destiny!

In the same way that relationship we deem irrelevant today is one that we may need to move us to our next level.

When there is conflict always keep the door of reconciliation open. Never say never! ….Even the prodigal son came home!

Spare change is still money.

By Yetty Iriah
Monday Morning Coffee©️2019

One thought on “Spare Change

  1. Spare change we don’t think we would ever have need of! What a wonderful analogy. But then again it reminds me of the bible admonishing us to be at peace with all men.
    It does not categorize those we should be at peace with.
    If we therefore keep the door of reconcilliaton open open it will be s lot easybto achieve.
    Thanks do much for using this simple everyday analogy to drive home this very important fact.


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