Never Too Late!

Monday Morning Coffee©

Happy Monday people!
Easter is loading and our focus is on the cross.

No Easter story is more poignant than that of the lucky robber who
made it across the finish line in the nick of time! He recognised his need for mercy and cried out to Jesus as he hung next to Him on the cross.

It is funny to imagine that robber being one of the first to make it through the pearly gates of Heaven! God sure has a sense of humour.

I can only imagine the shock on the faces of the victims of his reign of terror when they see him in his mansion in Heaven…..If they make it!

Some people believe they hold exclusive rights to Heaven; the self-righteous, like those who surrounded the woman caught in adultery, armed with their stones of accusation. They were shocked when Jesus forgave her!

Everyone has a chance at the cross!……There’s always room for one more!

By Yetty Iriah
Monday Morning Coffee©2019

4 thoughts on “Never Too Late!

  1. What an eye opener!
    God never writes any off!
    Yes I am always amazed with God’s sense of humour!
    Thank God for Jesus.
    Thank God for your life Too!


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