Do Not Disturb!

Monday Morning Coffee©️

Happy Monday people!
If Jesus were visiting today what will He find in your home?

Perhaps cobwebs in every corner, dirty dishes, a months worth of dirty laundry or a garden that the foxes have made their home.

What will Jesus find in your heart? Deep seated grudges, unforgiveness, deceitfulness, secrets you have vowed to take to the grave?

If Jesus checks your browsing history what will He find? Now God have mercy!

Won’t it be just fine if Jesus sat in a corner without poking His nose in our business

Jesus comes to do a clearout to make room for the changes He desires in us.

The boat is comfortable so why do we need to walk on water? So we put up the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign.

Behold I stand at the door and knock….Rev 3:20

Nothing changes until we change! …. Jesus is still knocking!

By Yetty Iriah

Monday Morning Coffee ©️2019

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