Monday Morning Coffee©️

Happy Monday people!
What is your legacy for the next generation?

Last Saturday, DWJ-our women’s fellowship successfully held its inaugural Young Adults Conference. This was a dream come true for us!

As I sat at the back of the hall I was reminded that God always plans with the next generation in mind and our greatest legacy is that our children know Him.

‘And there arose a generation that did not know the Lord or the things he had done in Israel’ (Judges 2:10)

Today I fear we are repeating this same cycle in history. We want to build the biggest churches and be global preachers but how about just being a good parent? How about family bible study?

The Lord’s heart bleeds for the next generation! ….. Ours should too!

By Yetty Iriah
Monday Morning Coffee©️2019

2 thoughts on “GenerationNext

  1. You are spot on..for He said let the little children come to me for theirs is the Kingdom of God.
    Let’s keep praying!
    I like the thought of family bible study too
    Mary AP


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