Devotion or Service?

Monday Morning Coffee©️


Happy Monday people!

Do you agree there is a fine line between devotion and service?

Bob Gass once said:

The greatest competitor of our devotion to God is service for Him.

Most of us are busy, very busy, and too busy “doing church” and yet lacking in devotion to God.

Bob Gass describes this group of people as being ‘saints in the courts of Babylon’ and at the same time ‘backsliders in the courts of Zion”!

May we be sensitive to recognise when we are crossing the line.

Good morning!

By Yetty Iriah

Monday Morning Coffee ©️2019

2 thoughts on “Devotion or Service?

  1. Yetty,
    I have been travelling and just caught up with morning coffees so I am caffeine full 😊. Seriously, your style of writing is such a blessing. Short and punchy. One of my favourites is the ‘clogged drains. unforgiveness is for our own benefits really.. it makes us more impactful spiritually when we let go and forgive no matter what!


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