Monday Morning Coffee©

Happy Monday people!

Have you wondered how help often comes from the least expected source in your moment of need?

I worked with a lady on a case a few weeks ago, I was meeting her for the first time, and somehow the Lord has opened so many opportunities for me through this chance meeting and I am so grateful.

The Lord has a habit of sending help in unusual packages, He sent the ravens, the stingiest of all birds and a poor widow to sustain Elijah in the time of famine.

Who would ever have imagined that David, a willy shepherd boy would deliver his people from the fury of Goliath?

Then of course, Jesus, the greatest gift of all was born in a manger, not in a five-star hotel and was presented to the world in swaddling clothes not in designer wear!

If you focus on the container you may miss the content!

This week your breakthrough may come in an unusual package too ….Don’t miss it!

By Yetty Iriah

Monday Morning Coffee

Copyright 2019

All rights reserved.

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