Small is enough!

Monday Morning Coffee©

Happy Monday people!
Isn’t it strange that the key to our miracle is often hidden in plain sight; in the small stuff, the things we take for granted? My friend Lola always talks about appreciating pockets of happiness!

After a major victory on Mount Carmel Elijah expected to find God in the fire and earthquake, but He came in a still small voice.

A certain widow’s sons were to be sold off to pay a debt their father a prophet owed. This widow had a combination of small stuff; a small jar of oil, a few empty vessels and good neighbours. A combination that turned her into a wealthy oil merchant!

It was also a small boys lunch that fed the multitude. Look at the small stuff around you too, you will need them one day.

Small is enough!….You only need mustard seed faith to move huge mountains!

Prayer for the Week
Lord throughout this week help me see you in the things and people that I take for granted. Give me the courage to rebuild broken relationships and may I never despise the little I have because You are in it.

By Yetty Iriah
Monday Morning Coffee. © 2020

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