Shoes Off!….Please!

Monday Morning Coffee©

Happy Monday people!
Do you take offence when you visit friends or family and they ask you to take your shoes off at the door? Do you outwardly complain or grudgingly comply?

Shoes are not just a fashion accessory in the literal sense; they represent who we are, our social standing, our background, our values, our principles and our experience; the very things that the Lord wants to change!

The burning bush must have been quite a spectacle to behold, but Moses had to take his shoes off before he could approach the miraculous.

Today most of us approach God wearing our designer shoes; expecting preferential treatment and some walk in carelessly with dirty shoes and muddy boots in total disregard for His sacred presence!

The Lord opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.- (James 4:6)

If you want to experience the miraculous like Moses you must take your shoes off too!…..Even if they are Jimmy Choos or Loubs!

Prayer for the Week
Lord forgive for the times I have relied on my own importance and approached your presence without respect. This week teach me to be humble and take my shoes off like Moses so that I also can walk in the miraculous.

By Yetty Iriah
Monday Morning Coffee ©️2019

Photograph by Jpegwiz©

2 thoughts on “Shoes Off!….Please!

  1. I love reading the Monday morning coffee because the messages come in small package but packed full of wisdom and practical link to scriptural teachings and how it applies to our everyday living!

    I can’t start my Monday without it, short and sweet, praise God.


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