Choose Right!

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Happy Monday People! Will you need to make any big decisions this week? 

On a day like this, just like you, three women made some big decisions.

Jochebed fully determined that Moses will not fall victim to the evil decree of Pharaoh, put him in a basket and placed him by the riverbank.

Miriam obediently stood afar off watching; she never left her look-out spot.  

Pharaoh’s daughter came for her daily wash, on seeing this child of destiny she also made a big decision. 

We know the end of the story; the individual decisions of three ordinary women preserved the life of a child and delivered a nation!

Every decision we make will impact on the life of others!

……Choose life!

Happy reflection. 

By Yetty Iriah

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Happy Monday people!

Our women’s group held it’s annual workshop at the weekend, with the theme ‘Behind the Mask’.

It was a group of strong women gathered in an atmosphere of love and camaraderie. Unpretentious and unashamed we stood before God our maker, and one by one our masks fell off!

Jesus took an unscheduled turn in the road to meet the woman at the well, a woman with a sordid past who wore a mask of shame, but that encounter with Jesus changed her life. 

Jesus wants to know us up close and personal, He wants to touch the very source of our pain!

Behind the mask we wear is a colourful destiny waiting to impact our world.

…..Drop that mask today!

By Yetty Iriah
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The Hot Mess!

Monday Morning Coffee©

Happy Monday people! 
I often wonder how earphones get so tangled up at the bottom of our bags; do they actually move on their own?

Oftentimes we find ourselves in a tangled mess of confusion and intrigue, and just when we think we’ve got a grip, we come across an even tighter knot! 

The good news is we are not alone!

Jonah too found himself in the belly of a huge fish, and for days he was entangled by seaweed in the bowels of this fish! Jonah was in a “right” hot mess, until God’s mercy found him.

The bible is full of story after story of people full of mess and sin; shame and disgrace, but forgiveness turned their mess into a message.

There’s a message in your mess……find it!

By Yetty Iriah

Monday Morning Coffee Copyright 2015

Keep Running! Dont Stop!

Happy Monday people!
Wow! The year is almost over! Where did all the time go? I woke up early this morning in a state of panic feeling that I am running out of time! 

God reminded me that the race is not given to the swift………‎(Ecclesiastes 9:11)

As we begin to take stock of the year, there will definitely be a mixture of joy, disappointment, regret and even guilt that we have let God down.

The Christian race is a marathon; everyone running at their own set pace. The most important thing is that we make it to the finish line. 

So don’t panic, stay calm, keep going, step by step, inch by inch, when you fall, get up and keep going.

In this race there is no shame in coming last!

Jesus is cheering us on, He is waiting for us at the finish line! 

…..See you there!

By Yetty Iriah

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On the Roller Coaster?  

Monday Morning Coffee©

Happy Monday people!

If you woke up today feeling like parts of your life are like an unending roller coaster, then you are in good company!

Life can be so complicated and often our best laid-out plans can take several unexpected twists and turns!

Joseph did not have the fairytale journey he anticipated, but one of betrayal, false accusation and abandonment, but each bend on the road was working out God’s purpose for him!

God causes everything to work together for our good. Roman 8:28

Laugh or cry, but never give up! Remember every struggle serves a purpose.

And yes! …..You will get there in the end!

Happy travels. 

By Yetty Iriah
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Read the Fine Print!

Monday Morning Coffee©Happy Monday people!

Last week we found that certain exclusion criteria in our home insurance policy meant we were only covered for specific repairs. We never bothered to read the fine print!

It is the same way we focus on the blessings in Christ but skip the part that talks about carrying our cross and denying ourselves daily. 

Our salvation is free, but living for Christ will cost us something; often everything! 

“For what will a man give in exchange for his soul? -Mark8:37

God demands that we live up His terms and conditions and there is a premium to pay.

Always read the fine print!

By Yetty Iriah
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No Odd Socks!

Monday Morning Coffee ☕️©
Happy Monday people!

The season for socks and boots is here again! 

I know most parents will be used to teenagers and their odd socks. Who wants to spend precious time in the laundry basket looking for matching socks! 

Now I wonder how God feels when He sees us with odd socks on? Like one foot in the church and the other in the world.

Today as we sip our hot morning coffee, can we kindly reflect on how we may be trying to eat our cake and have it too, by loving God and loving the world?

No man can serve two masters: for he will either hate one, and love the other……. Matt 6:24

Let’s end the compromise, we are either Labour or Conservative ….. We can’t serve two masters!

So what colour socks do you have on today?

Happy reflection!

By Yetty Iriah

Monday Morning Coffee. Copyright 2015 All Rights Reserved.